7 Ways to Sharpen Your Interview Soft Skills

7 Ways to Sharpen Your Interview Soft Skills
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Interviews are the deciding factors for job placements. One answer could make or break the deal. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right skills required to ace an interview. Soft skills such as problem-solving, time management, communication, and many more play an important role in impressing the interviewer. It is essential to master your soft skills and make that impression on the interviewer as it will help you secure your dream job.

The seven most important soft skills you need to master before acing an interview are mentioned below:

1. Body Language and Conversation

Body language is as important as any other soft skill. Slouching, leaning back, and fidgeting are deal-breakers. They give an impression of your nervousness and make you look less confident. Start focusing on your sitting habits and resist being extremely relaxed in your chair. Be engaging with the interviewer, and show that you are interested in the interview. Don’t be bland with your answers, and don’t make unnecessary excuses. Do not end sentences in the middle. Complete what you started voicing out, and be confident with your answers. Do not fold your arms; you might come across as arrogant. Lastly, relax your shoulders. This will help you appear calm and collected.

2. Time Management

Planning, organizing, and executing are crucial in a job. One must show their command over time management by being punctual for the interview; being late is a red flag as it would give an impression of carelessness. Give answers keeping in mind the time frame. The answers should be to the point and crisp. Answers should range anywhere between 1-3 minutes. Read the cues of the interviewer to determine when to wrap up an answer, and when to expand. Tell the interviewers how you have worked under pressure and met deadlines before.

3. Creativity

Creativity includes unique solutions to problems. One might think it is not easy to showcase creativity in interviews. It is one of the reasons that it holds an important place when considering applicants for a job. Showcasing your unique solutions or thought-provoking plans could prove to be extremely valuable. You could be viewed as an asset to the company only if you stand out from the crowd and reflect different views and ideas as they put you in the spotlight.

To polish your creativity, research the company you are interviewing for, brainstorm and find ideas that you can propose if asked in the interview.

4. Adaptability

Adaptability is a crucial component. It speaks a lot about your work ethic. You need to change your placements a lot in a work setting. When a colleague quits their job or takes a leave, you need to fill their place, and one might have to take different roles for work projects or new project implementations. In such cases, one should be adaptable to their situation to work efficiently. To showcase this skill, you can talk about your previous work experiences; how you tackled particular projects. To improve your answers, you must brainstorm about different situations where you would need adaptability and come up with solutions.

5. Collaboration

Teamwork is crucial. Without it, a company cannot stand. To answer questions that highlight your collaboration skills, you must talk about how you’ve worked in team projects to drive positive changes and improvements. You can also talk about some of your past mistakes and highlight the lessons you’ve learned from them. This indicates that you are eager to grow and improve. 

6. Keep Your Communication Positive

Everyone has had some bad experiences in their previous workplace. You might’ve had a tussle with the senior management, you might’ve gotten fired, or you might’ve kept switching jobs. But the mark of a good candidate is how they learn from these negative experiences and use them to grow in their personal and professional lives. Try not to badmouth any of your previous employers. Keep your tone either neutral or positive because the hiring manager will be able to gauge your attitude based on your communication.

7. Do Not Appear Desperate For The Position

While you might be applying for your dream job and placing all your hopes and dreams on it, try to not bring that across during the interview. You can show your gratitude and appreciation for being considered for the position and highlight what you like about the company and why you want to work with them. However, placing the company on a pedestal will give a message that you might not be the most worthy candidate. Keep other options open so that you don’t just depend on this one job. This thought process will also help you appear more relaxed, calm, and confident during the interview.

Final Thoughts

Giving a mock interview helps to strengthen soft skills and prepares you for an actual interview. You can always look up YouTube videos to improve your body language and communication skills for the interview. Make sure your resume is up to the mark with the job requirement. Be well-known about the company you are giving an interview for; speak slowly and with clarity.

Be genuine and honest, don’t exaggerate stuff. Be honest with your answers and think of it as a usual formal conversation rather than a question-answer session. For a recruiter to hire you, you must come across as a trustworthy and dependable individual and employee.

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