Great results can be achieved through projects and even great projects can turn into a failure.

So when you are hiring a contractor to help your project or business grow, you are seeking an extended team that shares the enthusiasm and pain in making something great.


The Rise of Wise Skulls

We kickstarted our journey with Wise Skulls in 2019 as an initiative to integrate the right ability with the right opportunity.

Our goal has always been to boost the IT sector by pairing the right developer with the right employer.

We want to establish a platform for talented developers seeking contractual work to keep up with the demands of the dynamic on-site as well as remote work culture.

Wise Skulls Process


We are creating an intelligent space in contractual staffing to build careers for candidates and build powerful teams for our clients.


We want to become the most efficient platform for contractual staffing using all the technologies and expertise available.
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